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How a Xinjiang R&B artist is smashing stereotypes in China
Jun 11, 2019
Zoe Chen andArman Dzidzovic

As in the United States, there are stereotypes about ethnic groups in China, especially those from its remote western provinces. 

Akin, an ethnic Kazakh and musician from Xinjiang, is trying to break the mold.

We followed Akin around Shanghai while he prepared to headline one of China’s biggest music festivals. 

Dressed in an ironic Duck Dynasty shirt, he explains how he was inspired by American hip-hop and R&B from the 90s, and why he brought that sound to China. 

In the video above, he told us how he wants to challenge prejudices, and why the independent music scene is thriving in China.

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Zoe is a video journalist at Inkstone. Previously, she was a video journalist and producer for BBC Chinese and BBC News in Beijing.
Arman is a video producer at Inkstone. He was previously producing documentaries for VICE in Southeast Asia.