Edition Jan 212020


China says new virus can spread between humans as travel season looms

by Gigi Choy, Alice Yan

Photo: AFP/Noel Celis

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Edition Jan 212020


China is banning plastic bags this year

by Caroline Kwok

Photo: Reuters

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Edition Jan 212020


Chinese city sorry for shaming people for publicly wearing pajamas

by Qin Chen

Photo: Weibo. Illustration by Inkstone/Tom Leung

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Edition Jan 212020


Hit by unrest and recession, Hong Kong remains king of unaffordable housing

by Cheryl Arcibal

Photo: SCMP/Roy Issa

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Edition Jan 212020


How the world can benefit from US-China tech war

by Lawrence J. Lau

Photo: Xinhua/Wang Ying

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Edition Jan 212020


These tiny robot worms may be able to connect to the brain

by Stephen Chen

Photo: Shutterstock

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