Edition Dec 272019


Who’s that in the logo? Trademark case claims $30 million in damages

by Viola Zhou

Photo: Reuters/Jason Lee

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Edition Dec 272019


China says it’ll stop detaining sex workers for up to 2 years without trial

by Linda Lew

Photo: AFP/Fred Dufour

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Edition Dec 272019


China can no longer use money to silence critics

by Nicholas Ross Smith, Tracey Fallon

Photo: SCMP/May Tse

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Edition Dec 272019


2019 was the year Chinese artificial intelligence clashed with US

by Meng Jing, Celia Chen

Photo: Reuters/Thomas Peter

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Edition Dec 272019


This Chinese woman is fighting to freeze her eggs

by Tom Wang

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Edition Dec 272019


The unexpected history of Chinese-Canadian food (Hint: it’s not ‘fake Chinese’)

by Bernice Chan

Photo: Handout

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