Edition Aug 22


Rap songs fuel China's propaganda war on Hong Kong protests

by Qin Chen

Photo: Weibo/CD Rev

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Edition Aug 22


Beijing co-opts celebrities for propaganda. It may come to regret it

by Chiu-Ti Jansen

Photo: SCMP/Simon Song

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Edition Aug 22


Hong Kong’s hotel workers hit by anti-government protests

by Kanis Leung, Victor Ting

Photo: SCMP/Sam Tsang

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Edition Aug 22


First day of school? Get ready for a face scan

by Sarah Dai

Photo: Reuters

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Edition Aug 22


US tariffs on monkeys could hurt America’s biomedical research

by Chad Bray

Photo: Xinhua/Jin Liwang

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Edition Aug 22


China’s booming pre-wedding photo industry

by Zinnia Lee

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