Edition Jan 2


China is one day away from landing on the far side of the moon

by Viola Zhou

Photo: Xinhua

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Edition Jan 2


Roofing the world’s biggest airport

by Mantai Chow

Photo: Xinhua/Ju Huanzong

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Edition Jan 2


Inkstone index: China’s impoverished population

by Grace Tsoi

Photo: EPA

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Edition Jan 2


What trouble could 2019 hold for Hong Kong?

by Sum Lok-kei

Photo: SCMP/Felix Wong

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Edition Jan 2


China’s top 10 biggest flicks of 2018 — and its 5 biggest bombs

by Elaine Yau

Photo: MM2/Wanda/Wuzhou

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Edition Jan 2


He’s 72 and runs a sub-4-hour marathon. Here’s how

by Pavel Toropov

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