Edition Jul 16


Trump calls the EU a ‘foe,’ as it cozies up to China

by Viola Zhou

Photo: Xinhua/Yao Dawei

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Edition Jul 16


China’s priciest film ever pulled after it bombs, big time

by Adam White

Photo: Handout

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Edition Jul 16


3 unanswered questions about Tesla’s first factory in China

by Alan Wong

Photo: Reuters/Jason Lee

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Edition Jul 16


France’s World Cup win cost this Chinese sponsor big

by Xinyan Yu

Photo: AP/Matthias Schrader

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Edition Jul 16


Jobs go up in smoke for Air China vape pilots

by Danny Lee

Photo: Alamy

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Edition Jul 16


How this vegan personal trainer sticks to Cantonese classics

by Chris Healy

Photo: Jonathan Wong

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